James Edmondson

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I'm a freelance web developer and this site displays information about me and the projects that i've been involved with.

Portfolio Concept

My portfolio will include a few details about me personally, to introduce myself to potential clients. I would like my portfolio to have as many varied sites and web applications as possible to display my newly learned capabilites to their fullest. I began an 'about me' static page with a free online resource here.

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Project Goals

I want to complete my Web Development achievments with Career Foundry within 4-5 months. As my working patterns vary, so will my weekly commitments to the amount of time I can spend learning, but I will endeavour to average a bare minimum of 15 hours each week.

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Course Goals

My aim of completeing this course is to gain the confidence and skills to initially take on freelance web development work to do alongside my current job, with a view to build a portfolio worthy of helping me get more regular coding work.

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